Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Way I See it

Concerning the Hizbullah - IDF attacks, the way i see it, the only way forward is through nogotiation, whether direct or indirect. But what is certain is that this macho, tough-guy, "nobody can touch me" attitude by those two has to go. Yet, can their egos handle the swallowing of their pride? This is the one of the main aspects in this conflict.. ego.

So how to satisfy the two parties' egos? Hopefully by a win-win situation, that their egos hopefully won't blind them into not seeing.

The way I see it, the conflict has created an opportunity. An opportunity to settle our differences once and for all, at least between Lebanon and Israel, and this can be done by:

- Returning the disputed Chebaa Farms back to Lebanon

- Exchanging Lebanese and Israeli prisoners

The equation is beautiful in it's simplicity and effectiveness. It does away with Lebanese needing to carry armed struggle against Israel, and hence guarentees calm along the border. Permanently. This is what citizens on both sides of the border want.

We can even go a step further and craft similar treaties between other countries, but that would be a topic for a different post...


John said...

unfortunatly I think the Apocalypse will occur before EGO is wiped out from the middle east.

dobegs said...

WOW - I totally agree with BASH, I just hope the politicians and all the warmakers and the bloogers who so easily blog the 'anti anti anti' and hate propaganda can read this post!

Thanks for being so simply couragous and wonderful

I love you

dobegs! long leave negotiations love and peace!

Bash said...

I forgot to add: and all sides must abide by all respective UN resolutions.

dobegs said...

Bash that is a wishful thinking when you have all the ones that are vetoed........ :) but we can still hope and dream!

Patricio said...

Estoy totalmente d acuerdo con bash.Añadiría la exigencia de que Ireal de retire de los territorios illegalmente ocupados en Palestina

Zan Barrage said...

Gracias oatricio. ¿Pero escucharán la razón?