Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Light in the Darkness

As darkness unfolds on the people of the Middle East in the form of attacks and counterattacks by Hezbollah and the IDF, a glimmer of hope like a light switched on will stay lit as those here who are peacefull will, and must, make a difference instead.

Let this blog be a connection between likeminded Arabs and Israelis to finally put their differences aside and let it prove that we can live together in peace, and indeed even be warm friends one day.

For the sake of our children and our common destiny, let us not allow those who derive their very identities by their hatred of one another to dictate our lives anymore.

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Anonymous said...

midas,,,,,,they cant put anything aside foo, its in their blood to not want peace, its in their blood to devide and conquer more land for more jews to come. Zionism is the movement of jews from everywhere in the world to isreal to form a base of controlling the world.
Zionism is evil and is ruling the unfortunate world. until you change their ideology and hatred and occupation, there will be no peace. until you change their religion (zionism) not judaism. there will be no peace. they dont have it in them to forgive and forget and want to live in peace. all they have is revenge and hatred and technological weapons supplied by the other satanist dumbass ruling the world. i lost hope.