Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Some more powerful footage

Following Bash's powerful video, here is some more footage.

This was shot in the neighbourhood of Bat Galim in Haifa.


marcia helena said...

Here in Brazil, we are praying for you.God bless you.

Marta said...

how tragic! I am so so sorry for this crazy killing and terrorising innocent lives on both sides.

i hope the man in the video is still alive.

thanks for posting this Lilu. its getting bit boooring to see only the devestation of the IAF and IDF in Lebanon... one sided so more of these videos is very welcome.


sarah mac said...

lilu...i also thank you for the footage...it's sorely needed since the media is so myopic in only covering the devistation in lebanon. it hurts me so much to see this happening especially after having been to israel in 1994 and having stayed in haifa. i'm spreading the word and have linked your blogs to mine.

peace...sarah mac

Zan Barrage said...

Yalla Basita!