Thursday, August 03, 2006

An enviromental word

Well I know there are bigger problems right now, such as the supply shortage in Beirut and today's 7 rocket casualties in Akre and Ma'alot, but just to elaborate on the enviromental piece Bash posted last week about the enviromental disaster in Beirut - here's a little more about some other victims of this war:

Over 6,000 dunams of trees, woodland destroyed / Eli Ashkenazi, Ha'aretz

Some 6,000 dunams of natural woodland and planted forest, comprising about half a million trees have been burned since the beginning of the fighting in the north, according to the Jewish National Fund forestry experts. Among the trees burned are oaks, terebinths, pines, and cypresses. Another 25,000 dunams of grazing land have also been lost to the flames.
About five percent, or some 1,500 dunams of the Birya forest has burned, and about one-third of the forests of the Naphtali ridge above Kiryat Shmona, consisting of about 2,500 dunams. Another 1,000 dunams burned in the Beit Keshet forest in central Galilee, 800 dunams of the Shlomi forest in the northwestern Galilee, and about 700 dunams on Mount Meron.
The JNF estimates the cost of rehabilitating the forests at some NIS 3,000 per dunam during the first two years. "Even if we replanted all the ancient trees that were hit," the JNF's Omri Boneh said, "it will take 50 to 60 years to return the forests to their state before the fighting."

50 to 60 years.... almost the time it takes to build a country.


sarah mac said...

i'm so glad that you posted this information. the environment is just as precious to me as human life...without it, we cannot survive. it's really tragic how deep the level of devistation is running from this war. we're paying such a huge price in so many ways and i continue to meditate for peace. for everyone.

Anonymous said...

hi lilu its midas, im lebanese.

you are calculating how much it will take the trees to grow back so that the land will get back to its original state..!! u really have some free time..people are calulating wut theyre gonna eat tomorrow cuz they cant leave their homes to buy food cuz the israelis are bombing any and every car that tried to leave, and then they say OH but we warned them to leave.. I GOT NEWS FOR YOU. after this war nothing is ever gonna be the same, not the trees, not the cows, and definately not even the lamas that for some godly reason didnt agree to invade lebanon when the israeli soldiers wanted to come in,and thats why your general lost his mind and was replaced the next day. Funny isnt it. Even the lame lamas knew better than to invade a peaceful neighbor. Peace comes from within a nations heart, and until israel learns how to treat its neighbors, there will never be peace. Israeli leaders. deep inside dont even want peace, they just want more of everything. more land, more water, more weapons, more control, generally speaking more evil and more death results. But there is a good half of you guys that want peace but unfortunately they are in the wrong place in the wrong century.