Monday, July 31, 2006

an israeli thought on Qana and its aftermath

When I heard the news of Qana today, my immediate reaction was to close my eyes and mutter: Shit.

I wont elaborate now exactly what it all made me think of Olmert and co., but I will say this: the biggest thing I fear of losing because of today, is the small progress that's being made by the people in the field. The small achievments, which are actually very big, like this blog and it's brother Joint Voices, the friendship that is the background for it, the other friendships and dialogs that are being forged every day throughout the web.

The comments I have seen today on various blogs are the worst I've ever seen. They frighten me. And their amount scares me most. In one day, it seems, all the understanding that's been achieved has been undermined by all the hate that's burst out.

Today was a horrible day. I don't know what will follow it. But I know that we mustn't falter and let ourselves be blinded by acts of stupidity, we mustn't let the anger get the better of us.

We gotta be strong. Intelligent, sensitive dialog is the only way.

Peace, mates.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, this is midas, a lebanese graduate.
you are a very bright light, in a dark place, full of leaders and generals that know of no peace. Their life is of war, devide and conquer more land to make more space for you know who. I dream of the day we make piece with israel so we can visit each others countrys, do the beaches, clubs, pubs, women. I am not defending my side either. they are a bunch of monkeys that finally have a mind of their own after syria went out. They also believe in piece, but the question is, does hizbollah want peace with isreal? its a big one. But i can tell you that, sonner than later, this decision wont be up to them anymore. I can also tell you this, whether they want peace or not, they will never attack israel or kidnap any israel if they give back sheb3a and release the lebanese detainees as hizbollah will be doing the same soon.. Then, the lebanese pressure can put serious pressure on hizbollah to fuck off for good, if the situation is peace and they start something, then israel would bomb some shit, and the lebanese gov would directly blame hizbollah for the instigation and the arab world will back the lebanese gov, and if iran backs hizbollah, more sactions would follow, so either way you get a wet dream. I wish someone could show this point of view to olmert. And i also wish that someone could tell him that if he continues this bullshit of innocent killings, the only way to get rid of hizbollah and still defend our country against any posiible future agression would be to integrate hizbollah in to the lebanese army which my friend is olmerts nightmare.